Performing and Visual Arts Center at El Camino High School


Mon. Dec. 3, 2018, 4:00 PM

The El Camino community will get its first glimpse of the beautiful facility we have all been watching come together for years.  Come join us as we cut the ribbon!  Performances from EC’s Jazz Band, Choir and more.


Our new facility is the foundation of El Camino High School’s thriving visual and performing arts department. In our ever-changing society, the arts continue to remain a vital part of world cultures. Our program provides students with a unique and valuable arts education experience that will enhance their appreciation of the arts and prepare them for further study.

Each school year, over 50% of the 1600-member student body enrolls in the various arts courses. The goal of our performing and visual arts department  is to maintain a diverse program that offers students an array of opportunities in beginning through advanced level courses in choral music, instrumental music, drama, and the visual arts. The arts are a “discipline” that calls for technical skills, imagination, attention to detail, and pursuit of excellence. Instructors focus on curriculum that teach students the essential elements of the visual and performing arts through standards based classroom instruction, guided practice, and performance.

As a hub of arts activity for the community, the new performing and visual arts center provides a quality affordable alternative for local schools and community groups in need of a place to stage events.