New name for our PAC

The San Juan Unified School District and El Camino High School administrators have agreed that the name for our new performing arts center will be the El Camino Fundamental High School Center For The Arts. The name gives meaning to the intent and purpose of this new venue–a focal point for showcasing talent from within our district and the surrounding community in the areas of visual and performing arts and lectures.

The signage will be back lit and will appear on the front left corner of the building as it faces Eastern Avenue. The front windows of the theatre lobby, below the theatre name, have been upgraded to be “transitional” so when the sun goes down and directly faces the lobby, the windows will automatically tint. Transitional glass  not only keeps out the bright rays of the sun, but helps maintain the inside temperature of the lobby.

The projected date for the grand opening of the El Camino Fundamental High School Center For The Arts is on target for the fall of 2018!

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  1. j Lopez says:

    I went to El Camino and spent all four years practically living in the theatre arts building (drama and choir). I was part of every school play each year and the memories I have are wonderful. When we performed our plays, we had to build it in the cafeteria. We called the El Camino Tabletop Theater. I don’t know if that was the official name or something we just called it. I still kind of like that name as an ode to what was. If I was think of another idea , I would say name it after a wonderful human and teacher that had a huge impact on not only my years but many people’s. Lee Elliot Theater for Performing Arts. Those are my votes.

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