On schedule for winter performances

On Thursday, July 12,  the executive board and a few members of ecARTS toured our new Center for the Arts with project leaders from McCarthy Construction and Vanir Construction Management. It was obvious to us that they take great pride in their work. Enjoy these images of tour highlights:

North side of the building. There are over 40,000 bricks arranged in a deliberate pattern. The lobby glass (right) is still covered with protective paper. The glass is called Dynamic View — it darkens and lightens depending on the intensity of the sunlight outdoors. (Think transitional eyeglass lenses.)
South side of the building. The loading dock door is visible on the right. It leads directly to the back stage area of the house.Public parking will be off the the left. Soccer and tennis courts are off to the right.









New tennis courts ready for the 2018-2019 season
New basketball court






Inside the lobby. The opening to the left is the concession stand/office space. The restrooms are located at the far end of the hall.
The lobby ceiling looks like wood, but it’s actually metal. The walls will have display hardware to feature visual art.
Remember we said the lobby glass changes with the sun’s intensity? Here’s the slick new low-voltage control system.









A view of the house from the sound booth. In this photo the orchestra pit is not visible because it’s filled in with plywood atop scaffolding to support the heavy equipment. The pit filler should be removed this week. Chairs will be installed mid-September. Backstage are two dressing rooms each equipped with a bathroom–one for boys, one for girls.



A closer view of the stage and part of the sound system above.









Sound booth windows below the spot light windows.











The indentations in the walls will be covered with a wood material to improve the acoustics in the room.






While you enjoy performances in the Center for the Arts, stage hands will prowl the catwalks.

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  1. Can’t wait for that first performance!!

  2. Doreen Lenhart says:

    This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing the updates. Can’t wait for the first concert.

  3. Sharon Rusconi says:

    It really is coming together beautifully! So Happy For Everyone!

    Best Wishes to all the performances in the new facility, and all of the tennis and basketball on those brand new courts.

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