Our Founder’s Club

The following donors gave at least $1,000 to ecARTS during our early days. Their gift established the financial foundation and initial support for building the Performing Arts Center at El Camino High School. The names of our founding members will be included on a plaque to hang in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center.

Daniel and Kati Austin
Brian and Maureen Baylosis
Sylan Beaty-Buck
Scot and Kathleen Bridges
Deterding Arts Resource Team
Janis Dingman
Barbara Duggan
Cathy Ewing
Leonard G. Faith III
Amy Garfinkel
Guido and Elizabeth Binda Foundation
ECHS Class of 1960
ECHS Class of 1981
ECHS Student Government 2010/11
ECOM Engineering
Kevin Glaser
Dana and Melinda Greisen
Jay Hearnley – John Scribner
Shelley Heberle
Christine Marie Hock
Pamela J. Hopson
Douglas and Brenda Johnson
Ronny and Christi Kagstrom
Shirley Kaiser
Mary and Kevin Kearney
Jonathan and Sheila Kopf
Margaret Leahy
Doreen M. Lenhart
Diana and Craig Locke
Charlene Mancebo
Christine M. Martini
Lisa Mattos
Noel Neuburger
Don Philipps
Wendy Phoenix
Wendy Piker
Thomas F. Poage
Timothy and Regina Rieger
Kevin and Elizabeth Riggs
Carter and Cooper Robinson
Charlotte and Richard Rubin
John and Sharon Rusconi
Sharon Rusconi
Jon and Jonette Saunders
Ken and Laura Whittall Scherfee
Warner Seargeant
Sharon J. Rusconi Trust
Peter and Joy Slater
Alfred Spivack
Barbara J. Wemmer
Gary and Sara West